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Our Services

At ZONE ZERO MEASURING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS TRADING, we specialize in providing top-quality electrical services and solutions. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your electrical systems are installed, maintained, and optimized to the highest standards. Whether you need LV, MV panel installation and commissioning, modification and retrofit, annual maintenance contract, or power quality measurement and harmonic solution, we have got you covered. Contact us today to discuss your electrical needs and schedule an appointment.

Panel Installation

Our team of skilled technicians is experienced in LV and MV panel installation and commissioning. We ensure that your electrical panels are installed correctly and efficiently, meeting all safety standards and regulations. Trust us to handle your panel installation needs with precision and expertise.

Modification & Retrofit

If you are looking to upgrade or modify your existing electrical systems, our team can assist you. We offer professional modification and retrofit services to enhance the performance and efficiency of your electrical infrastructure. Let us help you optimize your systems for better reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Maintenance Contracts

Ensure the smooth operation of your electrical systems with our comprehensive annual maintenance contracts. Our team will conduct regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting to keep your systems in optimal condition. With our maintenance contracts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical infrastructure is well-maintained and reliable.

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